Texas Swingers Clubs for Swapping couples

You’re in the right spot if you want to find out more about Texas swingers clubs and other ways to meet husband-swapping couples in your local area. Adults know the importance of being discreet.

Most libertine clubs won’t share too much because they know that their guests like to keep it secret. We respect this and will only share information that Texas swingers clubs near us are willing to share on their sites or social media.

There are many ways to meet singles in your area and have fun together. You will find more opportunities online in big cities such as Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

This post will help you find the right BDSM play mates or a sexy woman to cuckold. It’s been quite a year. Don’t believe our advice? Then, go to your local swingers club and ask them if they are still open.

Texas’s Best Swingers Clubs

We believe that the top Texas swingers clubs are:

  • Pendulum Club, 14448 Hempstead Rd, Houston
  • Velvet Curtain at 1825 S Good Latimer Expy Dallas
  • Players DFW Nightclub, 11050 S Pipeline Rd, Euless
  • Colette Dallas, 10821 Composite Dr
  • Colette Houston, 1319 Cypress Creek Pkwy Ste. 190
  • Colette Austin at 13800 Dragline Dr
  • Butts Boobs & Boats Swing Parties Austin & Dallas
  • Austin Friends
  • Quiet Encounters in El Paso
  • Tin Boxxx in Lubbock
  • McAllen’s Red Door
  • OTR4U at 3086 FM1395 in Wills Point
  • Purple Peacock Resort, 14000 E US-84, Palestine
  • Live Oak Resort, 9751 Lone Star Rd, Washington

Important to remember that this was a list and not a ranking. It was not ranked in any other order than loosely by geographical location.

Let’s now talk about each of these clubs in your local area. We recommend you check out their websites or follow them on social media to find the right club for you.

Pendulum Club

The Pendulum Club is a Houston swingers club that is undoubtedly one of the best. The club is open from Wednesday to Saturday at 9pm. Single men are welcome on Saturdays.

For couples, entry fees are $40 for Friday or $60 for Saturday and $80 on Saturday. On Wednesday and Thursday, ladies pay $10 and $15 respectively. Single men pay $90 for weeknights and $100 for Fridays. You also have to pay a $10 per night membership fee.

To learn more, you can contact the Pendulum Club of Houston at 281-857-6040. Or email info@pendulum.club

Velvet Curtain

We will now get into some DFW adult lifestyle clubs, starting with the Velvet Curtain. They are byob and open Friday and Saturday evenings at 9pm.

Swapping couples will be charged $20 on Fridays and $40 on Saturdays. Single women are allowed to join a couple before 10pm, and they only have to pay $10 afterwards. Follow Velvet Curtain via Facebook, or call 434-298-4382.

Players DFW Nightclub

Players DFW Nightclub opens Wednesday-Saturday at 9pm. Couples memberships are $250 per year, or $175 per six-month period.

You can find a variety of pricing promotions on their website. We recommend you check them out. This sexy club for swingers offers $5 off Fridays if ladies don’t wear a bra or haven’t put on pants.

Follow Players DFW on facebook here. You can also call 817-354-7800, or email info@playersdfw.com.

Colette Dallas

This is the first of three write-ups on Colette Swingers Club. We will start with the Dallas venue. As with the previous club girls, Friday night’s ladies get $20 off if their panties are removed at the door.

This club has over 8,000 square feet. The club is open Wednesday to Saturday from 9pm, while the sex parties are held a little later on weekends.

Couples pay $40 for Wednesday and Thursday, while weekend night guests are required to pay $60. Single women are charged $10 for weeknights, $20 for weekend nights and $100 to $120 on Fridays. Saturdays are reserved for couples swapping and are not open to single men.

For $20 per night, or $50 for three months, membership fees are required. You can follow the Colette Texas adult lifestyle group on Twitter or email them at info@colettedallas.com.

Colette Houston

We do not want to copy and paste all of the same stuff here but you can check out the Colette Houston website, call them via 281-781-7221, or email them at info@colettehouston.com.

Colette Austin

You can find the website for Colette Austin lifestyles club there, or they are available via phone at 512-670-2051 and email info@coletteaustin.com.

Butts Boobs & Boats Swingers Parties

Butts Boobs & Boats hosts local swingers parties at Austin and Dallas that, as you can see, revolve around the lake. The Austin group sex parties take place at Hippie Hollow at Lake Travis. Couples must pay $185, singles $105 and single men $305.

These prices may seem a bit high, but you might prefer their adult lifestyle parties near Dallas at Lewisville Lake for swapping partners. The entry fees for the parties are $105 for couples and $65 for single women. Single men pay $265.

Contact the Butts Boats via this link or by calling 817-354-7800

Austin Friends

You can only get the address of the next libertine party hosted by Austin Friends swingers group if you call 512-251-1199. Their sex parties are for single men only and are held at 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The entry fee for this group is $30 Friday, $50 Saturday. You also need to pay $150 annually or get a one-week trial for $40. Email mark@austinfriends.com and follow Austin Friends for more details.

Quiet Encounters

Texas swingers are also welcome to Quiet Encounters El Paso every Friday and Saturday at 9pm. To get an invitation or to meet a member, call 915-497-1369. New couples cannot attend Quiet Encounters Friday parties.

Tin Boxxx

Only single males can visit Lubbock’s Tin Boxxx lifestyle club with a sponsor couple. The club is open to all couples who wish to attend.

Single males and couples pay $50 each, while single women get in for free. A $25 membership fee is required for your first visit. For more information, call Tin Boxxx at 833 19 1891 or email them

The Red Door

The Red Door is closed on Saturdays between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. Their 5,000-square-foot venue is spacious and all of their sex parties can be booked by a single person.

Single women pay $60 per couple, single women $20 each. Entry fees for couples are $60 and single ladies $10 respectively. Call the McAllen Red Door at 484-369-1097 or email info@TheRedDoorClub.com for more info.

Purple Peacock Resort

Another resort for nudists is Purple Peacock, Palestine. Open relationships are a common reason that couples have come to your area for naturist camping. They offer RV hookups and cabins for rent. You can also rent a room in the large house.

Purple Peacock is a nudist resort that accepts people aged 21 and over. They are available via phone at 903-729-2003 or email at info@purplepeacockresort.com.

Live Oak Resort

Live Oak Resort, Washington is the last resort for nudists in Texas. You can also find RV hook-ups and pitch a tent or rent a cabin to stay for a while.

It covers more than 25 acres, and has been in existence since 1976. This naturist resort offers a dance club on weekends from 8:30 to 2 AM. They also have a gym, game room, and a swimming pool.

Live Oak requires a $52 per day entry fee. Cabins can be rented at $135 per night, RVs can be put up for $32, and tent camping grounds cost $15. Send an email to info@liveoakresort.com or call 936-878-2216 for more.

Meet Swinging Couples near You Online

People love the nudist resort or adult lifestyle club atmosphere. You will be captivated by the voyeurism and the endless possibilities.

We also know that not everyone is interested in joining a group sex club. Some people may prefer smaller parties with their friends. The easiest way to meet singles or couples near you online is to start one. You can also chat with other Texas wife-swapping couples and arrange private play dates whenever you like.

99 Flavors are part of the massive Adult Friends Finder network. You can sign up to gain full access to over 30 million users across the globe.

AFF is very popular in North America, Europe, and Australia. These are also the most popular areas where this adult lifestyle is practiced. The largest cities, such as El Paso, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, will have the most couples. However, this state is very populous so there should always be enough.

You can meet local swinging partners online 99 Flavors, and the entire AFF network. They will open more doors and legs than any other means.

A Few Final Thoughts

Before we go, we wanted to briefly share some general guidelines for adult life.

  • Before you go, visit the club website
  • RSVP if necessary
  • Dress up for the occasion or take a shower.
  • Socialize
  • Before you make a move, ensure you are loved
  • No always means no

These rules don’t seem too demanding and can make Texas swapping couples a lot more happy. No one wants to go to a libertine party where there are a bunch single, thirsty men who move about like savages.

You don’t have to buy a ticket to a party for swingers. You should have plenty of women who are open to having fun, and treat them with respect. It should all end in a good time.

This page will be updated as often as possible. Please contact us if you have any information about club closings or new clubs. This is all we know about the topic. If you’re looking for some fun and a chance to meet new people, check out 99 Flavors or Adult Friends Finder.





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