Michigan Swingers Clubs for Swapping couples

We are glad you stopped by. In this post, we will tell you about the top Michigan swingers clubs and other ways to meet women who want to swap husbands in your area. It can be difficult to find reliable information about this adult lifestyle, as most people know.

You already know that Michigan swingers clubs and those involved in their lifestyle prefer to keep it low-key. This is perfectly understandable. The swapping or cuckolding couple doesn’t want anyone to know their business.

This article will attempt to provide you with the most current information about all the local libertine clubs. While we will not share all the information each club has, we will do our best to keep our list of clubs and group parties up-to-date.

This section will focus on the best swingers clubs in your area. Next, we’ll give you a brief overview of what it is like to be a part of an orgy. Next, we’ll talk about how to meet couples in Michigan for swapping. This is easier in large cities like Detroit, but it is possible to find them in other areas.

Finally, we will end with some thoughts about how to behave if this is your first year of the lifestyle. It’s been a strange year. Don’t believe our advice? Then, go to your local swingers club and ask them if they are still open.

Michigan’s Best Swingers Clubs

This is a list with a few of the top Michigan swingers clubs, in no particular order. However, we have listed Detroit orgies first as more people live in that area.

  • Detroit 4th Floor Experience
  • Detroit Full Moon Seductions
  • Meeting Place in Kalamazoo
  • Cherry Lane Nudist Retreat at 11540 North Adams Road, North Adams
  • Wild Walker’s Dearborn Heights
  • Angel Entertainment
  • Muskegon M A S H
  • Flushing: R Fun and Fantasy

We will now give you a quick overview of each swingers club in your area. Make sure to visit their websites before visiting so that you can decide which party is best for you.

4th Floor Experience

4th floor Experience swingers club is open every weekend at 9pm. We won’t be able to share their intimate details online, so they will respect our privacy. However, you can email the 4th Floor Experience at dsoulstars@ymail.com for more information about upcoming parties.

Full Moon Seductions

Full Moon Seductions is another one that doesn’t really post much online. Since 2006, this Detroit adult lifestyle club has hosted parties for couples. Single males are not allowed.

Full Moon Seductions only throws a few orgies in your area a year and you can email them here fantasies@eroticforest.com if you want.

Meeting Place

The Meeting place in Kalamazoo is one of the best local swingers clubs. A $60 membership fee is required. Single males or couples will have to pay $60, and single females $20.

If you arrive after midnight, the price will increase by $20. Pre-book to save 50% if you’re there Friday. Only single men can attend if they are accompanied by a member who has been approved.

Text Meeting Place at 269-303-1398 or email them at wmckenzie49064@yahoo.com for more.

Cherry Lane Nudist Resort

Cherry Lane in North Adams is the best nudist resort. On their more than 80 acres, they have hosted naturist campers ever since 1967.

Cherry Lane parties take place mostly on weekends, but they occasionally have group sex events that are held on Mondays and Thursdays. Call them via 517-287-4760 or email them via dlbevis@frontiernet.net for more.

Wild Walkers

We believe this club has been closed. However, we are unable to determine if this was due to the pandemic. This information will be kept up until things become clearer. However, we recommend that you get in touch with them to confirm the details before you leave.

Wild Walker’s hosts a couple adult parties per month in Dearborn Heights. Angel Entertainment also hosts sex parties in the area. We are now getting to one of these.

Angel Entertainment

Angel Entertainment throws swingers parties in Michigan for couples living in cities such as:

  • Dearborn Heights
  • Livonia
  • Waterford
  • Troy
  • Novi

White Parties are also offered. They offer sex parties that include BDSM Fetishes & Kinks sex parties and Flesh & Fantasy nights. They throw bar, club, and hotel takeovers all over the state and you can learn more by emailing Angel Entertainment at pureenergy333@yahoo.com.

Muskegon MASHP

Another Michigan swingers club, which puts out very little information, hosts private home sex parties approximately once per month. They seem to be byobs and target sexy and curvy BBW ladies for their parties. Call M A S H P at 231-760-0489 or email sixsexywife@yahoo.com for more.

Find Swinging Couples near You Online

People may prefer to live the adult lifestyle but not have to go to swing clubs. Some people might want to attend the clubs, but online allows them to find more opportunities to swap partners in Michigan.

99 Flavors is our favorite. They are a sister site to Adult Friends Finder and have over 30 million members. AFF is popular in only a few countries, such as North America, Europe and Australia.

These are the same areas where libertine clubs are very popular. Isn’t that wonderful? Sign up now to find swinging couples in your area on 99 Flavors. You can also message anyone on the entire Adult Friends Finder network.

This allows you to contact all the swapping couples in your local area as well as all the sexually curious and sexy people looking for fun. You can host your own sex parties or invite singles to your threesome.

It’s a sort of one-stop shop for all things sexy and sexy and can take your bedroom experience to a whole new level. Although there will be more people using this site in Detroit than elsewhere, you might be surprised at how many people actually use it.

Final Thoughts and Tips

We wanted to share some simple rules with you, so that your adult life is easier. These would be:

  • Before you go, visit the website of your local swingers club
  • If you have any questions, please contact them
  • Dress up for a shower or go all out.
  • Get involved in the party and mix with others
  • Do not force yourself to be somewhere you don’t want
  • No ALWAYS means no

These rules are targeted at single men who wish to visit the Michigan swingers clubs. It is unlikely that a man will be allowed to go around and try to put his dick in all the ladies faces.

A girl who walks around with her titties in her faces and sucking every dick she meets will be considered a VIP. This is a simple concept, guys. Don’t think of this as a place where you can creep around in the shadows and get your dick wet whenever it suits you.

If you’re a part of the lifestyle, you’ll have a better experience. If you only care about your own lifestyle, you’ll quickly build a bad reputation and be denied entry. This page will be kept up-to-date. If you have any questions or concerns about club closings, please contact us.

You might not like the idea of a whole sex club scene. Instead, you can have your own orgies using 99 Flavors. Or you could just find some fun people nearby on Adult Friends Finder.

We hope you have a blast learning all about Michigan’s best swingers clubs and how to find kinky couples near you for swapping.





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