Florida Swingers Clubs for Swapping couples

This article will give you all the information you need about the best Florida swingers clubs and other options for meeting wife-swapping couples. You are probably already aware of the importance of deal discretion if you’re part of this adult lifestyle.

Because their guests prefer to keep it quiet, Libertine clubs won’t share too much information. We respect this and will only share information that the Florida swingers clubs are willingly to share. While some clubs are located in major cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, others are scattered throughout the state.

You will also learn how to find wife-swapping couples in your local area online. We’ll also show you how to meet kinky, sexually adventurous people all around the Southeast. This post will help you find the right woman for you, whether you’re looking for a cuckold or new BDSM play mates.

We all know this year has been unusual, especially for local swingers clubs. It is a good idea to contact the club before you arrive, but this year it is even more important.

Florida’s Best Swingers Clubs

We believe that the top swingers clubs in Florida right now are:

  • Caliente Resort, 21240 Gran Via Blvd, Land O Lakes
  • Eyz Wide Shut, 8504 E Adamo Drive Tampa Bay
  • Miami Velvet, 3901 NW 77th Ave
  • Trapeze Club, 5213 N. State Road 7 Fort Lauderdale
  • Fetish Factory Events at Fort Lauderdale
  • Secrets Hideaway, 2145 East Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
  • Club Kink, 700 E Union St in Jacksonville
  • Minglers Social Club, 500 S Ridgewood Ave, Daytona Beach
  • Club Hedonism, 1000 East Sample Road in Pompano Beach
  • Cocoa Beach Club 3x, 226 King St Suite 19
  • Club Eden at Rooftop Resort, 1215 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood
  • Oz Private Club, North Fort Myers
  • Gaslight Bar & Grill, 4580 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze

We want to write a brief overview of all these adult lifestyle clubs or at least those that share information online. This will help you to determine which libertine club is best for you.

Make sure you visit their website and social media to find out when they will be hosting the party that suits your needs.

Caliente Resort

Caliente Resort may not be the best place to go if you’re looking for a swing club in your local area, but it is more of an adult lifestyle resort that caters to naturists living in Tampa Bay. This is just semantics, but you can certainly have a lot fun here.

They are active in all forms of social media.

Plus you can send Tampa Bay’s Caliente Resort an email at social@calienteresorts.com or call them at for more info 813-996-3700.

Eyz Wide Shut

Eyz Wise Shut is a Tampa Bay swingers club, which is open every Thursday and Saturday night. The bar opens at 9pm Thursday through Friday, and 8pm Saturday. There are also couple swapping areas that open at 11pm.

The club boasts over 25 playrooms, including a Cleopatra Room as well as a Dungeon Room. They have a lot of sex toys and sex chairs. There are also special kinky themes such as Tie Me Up nights.

You can follow Eyz Wide Shut on Facebook or Twitter, plus they are available via email at eyzwideshutllc@gmail.com and phone 813-620-1234.

Swingers Club Miami Velvet

Velvet is the best club for swingers in Miami. They are open Wednesday through Saturday, and sometimes on Thursdays when they host bisexual parties. Single men are permitted on all nights, except Saturday.

You can find all kinds of fun themed parties, such as Hello Titty or glow nights. Couples can purchase a two-month membership for $50, while single men will pay $100 for one month.

Single lady membership fees are $10 per month. Entry fees are subject to change depending on the event, but booking ahead through the Miami Velvet swingers club website can help you save money.

They open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 9pm. Weekends are open at 10pm. Follow Miami Velvet social media:

You can also email them at info@miamivelvet.com or call them at 305-406-1604.

Trapeze Club

Trapeze Club is Fort Lauderdale’s top swingers club. It is open Wednesday to Sunday from 8 p.m. to 3 or 4 a.m. Except for Saturdays, single men are permitted on all nights. Saturdays are reserved for couples swapping parties.

For $50, a couples membership costs $300 for two months. Single men pay $100 for one month and $150 for two months. Entry fees are different depending on the day. On Wednesday and Thursday, couples pay $40, single men $75, and ladies $15. This is their regular rate. The libertine club in your local area is also always free.

Fridays are Fridays and couples pay $70, while men pay $75. Saturday couples pay $80 and Sunday couples pay $50. Single men pay $75. This adult lifestyle club is also available in Atlanta.

Send Trapeze Club an email at info@trapezeclub.com, or call them at 954-730-8121 for more information.

Fetish Factory Events

Fetish Factory events in Fort Lauderdale is not a swingers’ club. They just put on the best BDSM sex events throughout Florida. Check out that link which breaks down when the next Fetish Factory BDSM party will be, or you can email them here info@fetishfactory.com.

Secrets Hideaway

Secrets Hideaway is the top local swingers’ club in Orlando. It is located in Kissimmee. This resort and spa is ideal for nudists as well as naturists. There is also a nightclub, playrooms and lounges open from 7:30 to 9:30 PM every night for couples who are looking for an indulgent lifestyle.

On weekdays, the pool opens at noon and on weekends, it opens at 9am. Prices for Secrets Hideaway Swingers Club vary depending on the time and day. Couples usually pay $15 to $40 while single men can pay anywhere between $25 and $105, and single women only $10 to $15.

They are available via email megannfrankie@hedoevents.com or phone 407-300-4881.

Swingers Club Kink Jacksonville

For all things adult lifestyle, you can visit club Kink if you are looking to swap wives in Jacksonville. The club covers 5,500 square feet and is more geared towards fetish and BDSM sex. They have sybians and dungeons as well as sex swings.

Give them a call at 904-372-8841 or send Club Kink an email here info@clubkinkjax.com.

Minglers Social Club

Minglers Social Club is available in Daytona Beach for $20 per month. It is huge at 8800 sq. feet. The venue is open Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 4am.

Minglers Social, a byob club for couples, costs $40, $10, and $60 for singles. Single men who are sponsored by a couple pay only $40.

Give them a call at 321-458-1053 or send them an email here info@minglerssocialclub.com.

Club Hedonism

Club HEDOnism in Pompano Beach opens Wednesdays and Saturday nights. Single men can enter, but only on Saturday nights. This Florida swingers club is open to couples and single women.

You can find them hosting all kinds of events, including Interracial Sex Parties or Hot Cuckold Wife Nights. Couples memberships are $40 per month and $150 for a full year. Single men pay $100 for 2 months and $400 for one year.

Entry fees vary depending on the night. Couples pay $35 on Wednesday, $50 Friday, and $60 Saturday. Single men pay $50 for Wednesday, $60 for Friday and $10 per night for single women. This number is 954-783-4741, and this email address HedoClub@aol.com. You can also contact the byob venue via this number: 954-783-4741, or this email address HedoClub@aol.com.

Club 3x

A second place that swingers can visit is byob, but it is only open on Wednesday nights and weekends. You can join 3x in Cocoa Beach for $15 per month, $70 for 6months or $120 annually.

This club is quite slick and has many links. Follow Club 3x Twitter or send an email at admin@club3x.org. Or call them here 321-406-7615.

Club Eden

Eden, the Florida swingers club is located at the Rooftop Hotel in Hollywood. Single men are welcome to join, but they will need to sign up for a 6-month membership costing $200.

Florida nudists will love this place as they host some great naturist pool parties every weekend. Contact Club Eden at 954-925-0301 and info@rooftopresort.net.

Oz Private Club

The Oz Private Club is located in North Fort Myers. A 1 month membership costs $20 for couples, $40 for men and $10 for women.

Single men are permitted, but only if they meet the criteria. If too many people show up at the same time they will not allow them in. This club hosts sex parties such as Naughty Nurses & Dirty Doctors, and Sexy Cougars.

Call Oz Private Club at 239-645-0119 or send them a message here thesorceressofoz@yahoo.com.

Gaslight Bar & Grill

We believe this bar has been closed. However, we are unable to determine if this is due the pandemic. This information will be kept up until things become a bit more clear. However, we recommend that you get in touch with them to confirm your suspicions.

Although this is not a club for swingers, the wife-swapping couples of Gulf Breeze love to meet up at Gaslight Bar & Grill and set up play dates.

Find Swinging Couples near You Online

Some people enjoy the adult lifestyle club environment. Some people want to be part of an orgy or see all the voyeurs.

However, group sex clubs may not be for everyone. Some people reading this may prefer smaller parties with fewer members. The easiest way to arrange these is via the internet. You can find local wives swapping couples in Florida or singles for whatever reason.

99 Flavors are part of the massive Adult Friends Finder network. Although it is their swingers site you can sign up to gain full access to over 30 million users worldwide.

AFF is very popular in North America, Europe, and Australia. These are also the most popular areas to find swingers clubs. You have many options to find swinging couples online 99 Flavors.

Closing Thoughts

Before we go, we wanted to briefly share some general guidelines for adult life.

  • Before you go, visit the website of lifestyle clubs
  • RSVP if necessary
  • Dress up for the occasion or take a shower.
  • Socialize
  • Before you make a move, ensure you are loved
  • No always means no

These are simple rules that will make Florida swapping couples happier and help you have a more enjoyable time. Nobody wants to go to a party with single men who don’t know how behave.

You can’t have sex only with the girls in a libertine club just because you bought a ticket. You should have plenty of women who are open to having fun, and treat them all with respect. We have listed the Alabama swingers clubs if you are looking for a lifestyle that allows you to travel.

This page will be updated as often as possible. Please contact us if you have any information about club closings or new clubs. This is all we know about the topic. If you’re looking for some fun and a chance to swap couples, check out 99 Flavors or Adult Friends Finder.





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