California Swingers Clubs for Swapping couples

This post will discuss the best California swingers clubs and other ways to swap with couples near you. You probably know from experience that it is difficult to find up-to-date information in this adult lifestyle.

Anyone who is new to the libertine scene will probably be able to understand why. It is taboo in society to discuss sexuality. Even what husband and wife do behind closed doors can still be looked down on for seemingly no reason.

You can imagine a missionary Thursday being transformed into a couple that invites someone to bang on the wife. The heat can quickly turn up. It can happen when you visit the best California swingers clubs or throw a private group party.

While we will share information about the best places and methods to enjoy this lifestyle for couples living in open marriages, we will also be keeping it private. Who are we to promote something on a club’s website or social media?

We will make every effort to keep this site as current as possible. You might find a local swinger near you in larger cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

California’s Best Swingers Clubs

Here’s our current list:

  • Club Joi, 191 E Jefferson, Los Angeles
  • Noches Atrevidas in Los Angeles
  • Vixen Club Los Angeles
  • Power Exchange, 220 Jones St. in San Francisco
  • Twist at 387 Bay St, San Francisco
  • Club Kiss San Francisco
  • San Francisco Bronze Parties
  • Candy’s Adventures in the Bay Area
  • Suite Life in Sacramento
  • Allures Lifestyle Club, Sacramento
  • San Diego Swingers Connection
  • Freedom Acres Resort, 1924 Glen Helen Rd, San Bernardino
  • Club FA, 1775 Devore Road, San Bernardino
  • Sea Mountain, 66540 San Marcus Rd in Desert Hot Springs
  • Cougars Den in Quartz Hill
  • Gemini Social Club, 1248 N White Ave. in Pomona
  • Mystic Mountain Playmates in Sierra Foothills
  • Gary & Margaret’s in Mira Loma
  • SoCal Circus Huntington Beach
  • Primal Pleasure Parties

We will now give you links to their websites and other contact information for each swingers club in the area.

Do your research to find the right club for you and the best time to meet your needs. We all know this year has been very difficult for local swingers clubs. It is a good idea to contact the club before you arrive, but this year it is even more important.

It is important to note that this list is not a ranking and that we are trying group lifestyle clubs fairly close together by region or city. For example, just because one club in Los Angeles is listed above all the top clubs of San Francisco doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better than any of them.

Los Angeles Swingers Clubs

Club Joi

Club Joi is the first of four sex parties in Los Angeles. Although they usually host their adult lifestyle parties on Saturday and Friday nights, it’s not uncommon for them to throw something on other nights.

To gain access to this 12,000-foot venue, you must be a member. Memberships cost $30 for three months and $50 for one year. Single women are allowed to enter for free, while couples and single men must pay an entry fee. This fee varies depending on the event.

They host sex parties in their local area that are BYOB. Some of the coolest themes include Bootylicious Parties and Naughty Negligee Parties. If you have any questions, send Club Joi an email at Or call them at 323-944-7527.

Noches Atrevidas

Noches Atrevidas, a Latin Adult Lifestyle Group in California, doesn’t host a lot of events. Follow Noches Atrevidas on Facebook or email them here at to find out about upcoming events.

Vixen Club

Vixen club offers home and hotel parties in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. You can find more information on their website. If you have any questions, please contact Vixen Club at

San Francisco Swingers Clubs

Power Exchange

Let’s wrap up Los Angeles. Now let’s discuss the best Swingers Clubs in San Francisco. The Bay Area has some of the most popular clubs for the adult lifestyle in California.

Power Exchange is open seven days a week from 9 pm. Single men and couples pay $40, while single women pay $5. Weekend nights: Men pay $60, women $50, and couples $50.

This club is for 18-and-up sex and does not offer alcohol. Single ladies can still get in, but the 2nd Friday and the 4th Friday are only for couples. They will host orgies with a variety of kinky themes on the 1 and 3 first Saturdays.

This libertine club is active on social media.

You can also contact Power Exchange by phone at 415 487-9944.


Twist is a very unique adult lifestyle club that hosts swingers parties every Friday and Saturday at 10 pm. Saturday nights are only for couples in an open relationship, and Fridays will be limited to a select few single men.

You can find erotic nude Yoga in California at Twist, Wednesday nights from 7:15 to 9 pm. You can reach them at 415-322-8222 or email

Club Kiss

Kiss is another local swingers club in the Bay Area. However, this club does not allow single men to join. They also won’t allow MMF threesomes, so don’t bother if you are interested.

For more information about the upcoming Kiss sex parties, call them at (650) 269-9600 or email

Bronze Parties

The San Francisco Swingers Lifestyle Group organizes events across the country, but many of their events are held right in San Francisco. To find out more, follow Bronze Parties SWINGERS on Facebook.

Candy’s Adventures

Candy’s Adventures is our last Bay Area lifestyle club. These clubs are private, so you don’t have much to share. However, only a few men can visit them.

You can contact Candy’s Adventures by clicking this link.

Sacramento Swingers Clubs

Suite Life

Suite Life has moved to a new site, and the swingers club in your neighborhood was really upgraded. Their new sex dungeon has been a hit!

Although it is mostly for couples in Sacramento, they allow single men and women to come. Singles pay $80 or $70 if prepaying via Paypal. Couples are charged $50.

Send Suite Life an email at WeAre@LivinTheSuiteLife.Com to RSVP or learn more.

Allures Lifestyle Club

Allures Lifestyle Club organizes hotel takeovers in Sacramento, California, and other cities across the country for swingers. If you are interested in learning more, visit the Allure California swingers club website.

California Lifestyle Clubs:

Freedom Acres Resort, San Bernardino

We believe this club has been closed. However, we are unable to determine if this was due to the pandemic. This information will be kept up until things become clearer. However, we recommend that you get in touch with them to confirm the details before you leave.

This swingers, nudist and naturist resort in San Bernardino is open almost every day for 40 years. They have more than 40 acres of beautiful property for you. Freedom Acres Resort is available Wednesday to Saturday evenings and Sundays during daylight hours.

The club offers a complimentary shuttle service to the swingers Club FA, just down the street. Freedom Acres Resort is available via phone at 909-880-0803 or email at

Club FA

ClubFA is a nightclub-style orgy that is located very near Freedom Acres Resort. You can stay at the resort after your party if you don’t want to drive. Club FA is open from 8 pm on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, and from 5 pm until midnight on Sundays.

Friday and Saturday nights can only be used for couples swapping. Single men are permitted on Wednesdays, Sundays, and Thursdays. For more information, call 909-887-8757.

Sea Mountain

Another great nudist resort is Sea Mountain Ranch in Desert Hot Springs. For many years, naturalists have been visiting the state. This one is.

It was also voted the best place to have 4:20-friendly sex parties anywhere in the world. To learn more about all they have to offer visit the Sea Mountain website linked above, send an email to, or call 760-251-4744.

San Diego Swingers Connection

Since 2001, couples from the south have been able to meet up for group sex through San Diego Swingers Connection. They hold meet-n-greets and hotel orgy takeovers throughout the year.

Call them at 619-916-1722, or send a message San Diego Swingers Connection via that link.

Cougars Den

Who doesn’t like a sexy cougar? Cougars Den, Quartz Hill holds local group sex parties that allow the swapping of 25-year-old couples. Couples can pay $20 each, while single men are limited to 40 dollars, and single women are free.

Cougars Den is a BYOB club and you can email them via or call them at 818-473-9913.

Gemini Social Club

The Gemini Social Club is located in Pomona. This club is open to anyone 18 years old or older. For those looking to join the BDSM group sex, they have a dungeon area.

You can visit them Friday and Saturday night from 9 pm to 2 am. Memberships cost $50 for couples and $80 for men. Women’s memberships cost $20. Single men and couples pay $40 each, while single men pay $70.

Their pole dancing night takes place every Saturday. You must make a reservation before you go to the Gemini Social Club by calling 909-480-5577 or emailing

Mystic Mountain Playmates

You will find Mystic Mountains Playmates in the Sierra Foothills. This club is primarily for couples who wish to swap, but single men are not allowed.

You should visit their Zen Room for tantric massage and a cool Zen Room. They only hold a handful of events per year. To learn more, call Mystic Mountain Playmates at 601-466-9820.

Gary & Margaret’s

Gary & Margaret’s can be found in Mira Loma. Weekend parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays, but single men are permitted.

Everyone must call Gary & Margaret’s at 951-681-0991 or email for directions.

SoCal Circus

SoCal Circus is a great place for swanky and hipsters in Huntington Beach. You must be there between 9 and 10 p.m. to enjoy some of the best gang bangs in Southern California.

There are also gangbangs that take place in your neighborhood on Mondays, but not every day. To get directions, you must call them at 909-549-55236. They won’t respond to text messages.

Primal Pleasure Parties

Finally, we are at our last California adult lifestyle party! Primal Pleasures throws orgies and meet and greets and to learn more check out their website or email

Find Swinging Couples near You Online

We all know that not everyone can afford to travel to a swingers club every single time they want group sex. There aren’t many clubs all over the country that make it easy to find them. There are many clubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but what about other areas?

It would be so nice if you could simply contact other wives-swapping couples in your area and arrange some private play dates. You could find a cuckold couple to go out with your wife or find a few sexy people to host a private party at home.

You might also want to search for swinging couples in California online so you can start your own hotel takeover. Adult Friends Finder can help you find other people who enjoy the same things you do.

You’ve probably seen their ads before. But did you know that they have more than 30 million members around the world? They are mainly located in countries where swinging is very popular, such as North America, Europe, and Australia. There will be many local swingers and kinks in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

A sister site, 99 Flavors, is also available. It’s for couples who are open to marriage and orgies. Sign up to communicate with all the swingers in your area and get access to the entire Adult Friends Finder network.

99 Flavors is an excellent option for those who want to meet others interested in an adult lifestyle.

Random Thoughts and Tips

This is it for this post. But before we move on let’s talk briefly about some rules that will help everyone have a better time. Swingers clubs are always recommended.

  • Before you go, visit the website of swingers clubs
  • RSVP if necessary
  • You can dress up as per the theme of the sex parties
  • Mix and mingle with other partygoers
  • No means no
  • Do not force yourself into situations you don’t want

These rules are only for single men. A lady can ride around and kiss every dick she meets, but that is not the way it should be. Guys can’t be like that.

Do not get too drunk and lose your self-control. Don’t let the creepy guy hide in the shadows, waiting for you to attack. You will find more doors and legs the more you mix.

This adult lifestyle page will be kept up-to-date. Please contact us if there are any club closings or new clubs in your area. You now have the information you need to find out about all of California’s best swingers clubs and how to meet up with kinky couples to swap on 99 Flavors.





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